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Greetings ~ Aloha!

Are you interested in exploring more about the wonderful universe God/Source has created for us to play and live in? Living a life of joy, peace, happiness and abundance may seem almost outlandish in the chaos of our present day surroundings, but what if it's more joy, more peace, more happiness and more abundance than we are currently experiencing? I believe the secret is in PERSPECTIVE & AWARENESS. 

Here's a list of some of my favorite people, websites and communities that are full of abundant opportunities to experience a life of more
Gaia's Gift Accessories donates a portion of sales to help support Spirit Library, there are all kinds of wonderful folks to meet here!

Lee Carroll -

Ailia Mira -

Brenda Carolan (Portland, OR) -

Renee (Portland, OR) -

Darius Barazandeh -

Lee Harris -

Pamela Harris -

Elizabeth Jones -

Emmanuel Dagher -

Eric Francis -

Jarrad Hewett -

Jennifer McLeanJennifer McLean -

John BurgosJohn Burgos -

Rikka ZimmermanRikka Zimmerman -

Rudy HunterRudy Hunter - /

Mary A. HallMary A. Hall -