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About Us

Aloha ~ Greetings!

My life has been blessed – with love, joy, laughter, disappointment, tragedy, hope and lots of FAITH.

My first blessing, my island home of Hawaii; a rich, multicultural community bound together by a sense of 'ohana' or family. Aloha beats deep in my heart no matter where I am in the world, it is my anchor.

Around the age of seven I recognized that one set of my grandparents were practicing Buddhists and the other side were members of a Southern Baptist congregation. I loved them both the same, although at this very tender age, I began to wonder and question some of the teachings I learned in Sunday school. How could it all be completely true? So began an inner curiosity and lifelong journey to understand, explore, question.

My most treasured blessing in life was my son Tony. A special needs child, he was precious and adorable; hearing impaired, he never uttered a word. But the life lessons learned during our time together could not be expressed in volumes of books! So for nineteen years in Portland, Oregon, we lived in ‘Tony-time’, a silent world that was full of love, a wonderful kind of magic, and snow in the winter (exciting when you're from Hawaii)! He was my only child and my entire world; I experienced a dimension of love my heart had never known.

I faced the truest test of faith as Tony battled leukemia twice in his life. The darkest days came upon me when he lost the second battle. Bereaved Parent. An identity I neither wanted nor could escape. This was my awful life. Finding my way through the pain, grief and loss to joy once again has been a long, long journey. Life shapes us in mysterious ways to a fuller sense of being. 

A most magical and healing experience came in time; Tony began communicating with me from the other side. We live in different dimensions, different worlds, but the ‘silent’ communication we shared during our time together, is exactly the same. All those years he was teaching me, through the silence, how to communicate and understand energy. Amazing. What a gift. I am forever grateful.

Gaia’s Gift Accessories came as another ‘whisper from the other side’. It’s no coincidence that I spent many years in women’s retail and always loved accessories; I’ve learned the universe has an uncanny way of preparing us for upcoming chapters in life! 

A treasured gift from our Creator, Earth Mother Gaia, is another part of this wonderful, incredible universe we live in. She supports us in love, with each breath we take and has opened my heart to her wonder and precious daily gifts that sustain our lives.

We Are All Unique, Special, Loved & Supported By The Universe

My hope is that each piece has someone in mind…that you will connect with each other…and there will be a spark of joy whenever you wear it.



2021 brought a new challenge to my life, breast cancer. 

The journey is difficult. The lessons profound.

The prognosis, in the end, is hopeful!